Trap-Neuter-Return Program

Thank you for contacting the Austin Humane Society about our Feral Cat Program, which provides free sterilizations and rabies vaccinations for cats without identified owners. Your participation reduces the number of cats entering our city’s shelter, and provides for a happier and healthier life for the cats.

Beginning January 1st, there will be a $20 fee per cat for those trapped outside of Travis County. Payment will be due at the time of intake for surgery. Appointments are strongly encouraged for all trappers. The program will continue to provide free services to all Travis County cats.

To use our program, please follow the steps below:



Traps can be borrowed from the Austin Humane Society (Monday to Saturday 12pm—7pm and Sunday 12pm—5pm) by leaving a deposit OR they can be purchased for about $70 from a hardware or feed store. All cats must arrive in a humane trap in order to safely sedate the cat before surgery. If the cat is not in a trap, AHS can transfer it to a trap for $5. AHS staff are unable to trap or transport cats for you.



Please secure a humane trap prior to scheduling an appointment. AHS performs surgery every Wednesday and Thursday as well as the first Monday of each month. Book your appointment and follow the instructions here.



Trap the cat the day or night before surgery. Make sure the cat is more than 3 lbs. or three months old. Do not trap nursing moms and underage kittens. Leave them in place until they are done nursing or are old enough for surgery.